Prices & Packages

PLEASE NOTE  All prices quoted relate to a regular sized car.  You can find out prices for estates, MPV's, 7 seaters and large 4x4's by clicking on each package and selecting your vehicle size from the drop down menu.  We reserve the right to charge an extra £5-£25 in the case of heavily soiled vehicle interiors.  The final cost will be agreed after inspection with the vehicle owner prior to any work taking place to avoid any confusion.


Also, please note that in some circumstances, it would be more beneficial to have a job carried out at our workshop just outside Randalstown.   If you can leave your car with us, we will drop you back home or to work, provided it's in the local area (Randalstown/Antrim).  We will give you a courtesy call to let you know when your vehicle is ready.  Bigger jobs like a Full Correction will require your car to be with us for TWO OR MORE days.  Please be aware of this.